TIPP is an extra fuel tax of 3 – 8 Cents per litre added to diesel drawings in France and Belgium. Although it is not widely known, you are entitled to claim this tax back.


The process of reclaiming TIPP fuel tax is intentionally made very complicated and is extremely time consuming. The great news is that you don’t have to miss out; DDS VAT is ready to submit your claims for TIPP refund to France and Belgium.


Due to the complicated way in which claims are processed we are not usually given any general refund time scales. The good news is we have excellent relationships with the French & Belgian refund departments and stay in regular contact, ensuring your money is paid back as quickly as possible. 


We can go back and recover up to 3 years worth of fuel tax. To date we have submitted 6 million litres to France & Belgium for tax refund – that’s nearly €300,000! You could be benefiting from this too.

As with our VAT Recovery service all refunds are paid directly into your nominated bank account. We will keep in touch and let you know when your money is on the way. 


In order to start submitting claims we will need copies of your invoices with filling lists (if applicable), showing your vehicle registration number(s). We are also required to send documentation relating to each vehicle. 

For your benefit DDS TIPP Fuel Tax Recovery operates in cooperation with our highly recommended European VAT Recovery service.



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